14 kwietnia, 2015

22 stycznia, 2014

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - VGX Trailer

Trailer which contains my and my team`s Witcher 3 cutscene work :) More to come!

27 kwietnia, 2013

Animation Mentor: Photo exercises

Just to make this blog alive again handful of photo exercises I had to do for Animation Mentor VFX program.

18 września, 2012

"52 and a half" - Witcher 2 trailer

I was responsible for:
- script (excluding witcher`s monologue)
- storyboards/animatics
- voice, sound, music directing
- mocap directing
- camera work
- compositing
- editing
- additional face animation

Full credits under the video.

13 września, 2010

Animation Mentor Class 1 progress reel


So, Class 1 is almost over and it`s time to look back at what I`ve done so far. It`s my last assignment this term and so I can share it with you too:)

Going through all those fundamentals again wasn`t the most exciting journey ever but there are couple of workflow things I`ve learned that`s going to be very useful later on :)

I can`t wait to start Class 2 - Body Mechanics! :)